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“A true master of putting me on the right course and connecting me with relevant people.  He truly opened my eyes to how to create a market access strategy. He asked about my end goal, challenged my assumptions and developed an alternative and better way to achieve revenue growth.   I recommend Paul to anyone who wants to achieve success in new and global markets.”  


Tarik Hammadou, CEO, VIMOC Technologies (formerly CEO of Digisensory)

“His ability to source the right decision-makers in any field and gain traction with them was unparalleled in my organization not just in the US, but globally.   Some of his projects were so successful that a few competitors tried to replicate his efforts, but with limited success. There was high demand for his time with Australian businesses to help them in the US. Even though we charged clients for his services, they were willing to pay, and rarely questioned the fees.   He was often the engine of success in the projects of others, never asking for credit, but delighted with their success and transferring his skills.   Paul’s success stems from both tenacity and creativity.”

Former Supervisor

“The most interesting person I met at a Global networking event.  He turned me on to the power of global business, why I should look at global opportunities, explained how to determine the best market and provided insights that I had not thought about.  Paul is loyal and offered to assist me as I progress.  I recommend Paul for anyone considering Global business.”

AJ Wineke, Entrepreneur

“As part of a trade delegation, Paul’s network of key contacts, guidance and coaching was essential to ‘fast track’ us all, get everyone up to speed and get us in front of the right people. His ability to find the “right person” was a big factor in reducing the amount of effort to engage quickly with the people most able to get us traction. Paul was always on hand and at the end of a phone to provide guidance and good advice as an important extension of our own team during our many visits to Washington, DC.  I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is considering entering the U.S. and/or looking to grow or expand business between the U.S. and other countries.  It would be worth getting Paul to help you due to his depth of knowledge, array of contacts and his capability in this field.”

 Harold Wolpert, CEO, Avalias

"Paul's ability to quickly grasp our challenges and business focus and his global business experience made him stand out.   Our goal was to establish an office in Australia. He connected us with relevant people and organizations, improved our understanding of cultural differences, coached the American that was chosen to move to Australia and was available to answer questions and concerns.   He was an advocate for our presence in Australia and a key component of our success"  

Susana Florian, EVP,

Global Markets, Parsons, Inc